Kamis, 09 Juli 2009

Exclusive Pics of Michael Jackson " Ghost " at Neverland Ranch

The King of Pop,Michael Jackson already passed away since june,25th 2009 at the age of 50.But the news about how he died...is still running.

One of the hot news which now turn up is the Video or Pics the Ghost of The King of Pop,Michael Jackson.Michael Jackson "Ghost" was caught on CNN's Camera,taken from Michael's Brother Jermaine Jackson interview on larry king Live the title was Inside Neverland.Please take a look the pics..... !! ( courtessy : http://www.hollywoodcelebgossips.com/ )

7 komentar:

Harry Nizam H. mengatakan...

Hi Lidia,
It's scary

Edwin mengatakan...

An indistinct shadow... Was it doin' a moonwalking? :-) If you're confused, just skip moonwalking. Do blogwalking instead... :-P

tikno mengatakan...

May be there is lots of video editing software.

Like Harry said "scary"

prashant mengatakan...

Unique picture.

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Thirumalai mengatakan...

waw ! really scary but happy. still he alive with us...

siantarcity mengatakan...

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